Candy Experiments on Brazilian TV

Candy experiments just received international recognition, as part of a Brazilian documentary about the USA Science and Engineering Festival.  Noticing the popularity of our booth, the interviewer came over to ask us about what we were doing.  My daughter and I both enjoyed being interviewed, but wondered if we would ever get to see the show.  Thanks to a Brazilian dad who saw the show and sent us the link, we finally get to see it ourselves.

You can watch the show at the Globonews website.  Our segment is in the second video, starting at about 1:20.  Lucky that we were near the beginning!

Here's the rest of the email from the Brazilian dad:

"I saw your experiments on TV here in Brazil. I'll try to reproduce some of your suggestions to my son.  My son  is 5 years old, he is a candy lover and also a science enthusiastic, just like most kids I guess. So your initiative will fulfill his expectations :-)  Great idea from you."

We're so pleased that candy experiments have crossed the border! 


  1. Yeah, we thought so. I was especially impressed by the way my daughter handled the interview.

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  3. My pleasure to help sharing the knowledge.
    Please keep on making popular science.

    Andre Queiroz (a.k.a. Brazilian Dad)


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