Hershey Chocolate Sawdust

A long, long time ago, I microwaved some Hershey bars so that I could demonstrate chocolate bloom at a school visit. The chocolate bars developed lovely circular chocolate bloom structures, which I passed around the classroom to make the students goggle.

Then I put them on the fridge and forgot about them. Little did I know I was conducting a brand-new candy experiment!

When I finally took the plate down a year and a half later, this is what I found:
The chocolate had bloomed so much it had crumbled to pieces, like chocolate sawdust. (If you don't believe it's actually chocolate, look for the Hershey's logo on the bar on the upper right.)

All that was left of each bar was a pile of powder, which I was able to spoon up without any trouble at all.

Fountaining Peeps Hearts

What happens when you microwave Peeps hearts in a bottle: they expand and fountain out!