Warhead Puddles

My 7-year-old son created this for my demonstration when I was on TV a few weeks ago, using old Warheads and new Halloween candy.

After a few weeks, we noticed that the Warheads were dripping. They'd absorbed so much water from the atmosphere, both before and after they were opened, that the surface started to liquify, dripping into candy puddles on the plate.

Hiccupops: a candy experiment that turned into a cure

My daughter brought home an article in Time for Kids about 13-year-old Mallory Kievman, who says she's invented a cure for the hiccups. After testing all sorts of various hiccup cures, and deciding that the most effective were apple cider vinegar, sugar, and lollipops, she combined them into a hiccup-curing lollipop. Now she's working to turn Hiccupops into a retail brand. You can find more information and news articles at her website, hiccupop.com.

What can your family invent with candy experiments?

Pumpkins for Thanksgiving

I'm calling these candy experiments because if you work on pumpkins long enough, you can turn them into dessert. Actually, I just thought they were cool. I had never before noticed the "ribs" attached to the side of the pumpkin shell, or how the sliced-off strands in the pumpkin top form such a beautiful sunburst.

There's so much beauty in the world around us! I hope you find your own small miracles to enjoy today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Candy Squash

This was our very first post-Halloween candy experiment: squashing Junior Mints to make candy mushrooms. I'll have to squash other candies to compare.

In case this isn't very impressive, I did do some very cool post-Halloween experiments that I'm trying to get online. But first, I have to work on some videos (a little harder after my husband reconfigured my computer and all the programs moved around.) Check back soon!

Chocolate craving

A post by the Candy Professor pointed me to an article about chocolate cravings in the brain. When a certain area of rats' brains was stimulated by enkephalin, the rats ate more M&M's. Yet another clue as to why we seek out sweets.

Candy Experiments on Steve Spangler blog!

Check out my guest post on the Steve Spangler blog for some of my ideas on using up Halloween candy. Along with favorite experiments from this website, I include tips on encouraging your children to create their own experiments, as well as tips on cleaning up!

Candy experiments appear in Epoch Times article

I connected with Epoch Times when they posted a picture of my son from the USA Science and Engineering Festival. When I contacted them to request a copy (we hadn't taken many photos at USASEF because we were way to busy), they expressed interest in candy experiments and asked to do an interview. You can read the article here.

Happy Post-Halloween!

Wishing you joy as you experiment and play with your extra Halloween candy!

Candy Experiments on TV

This morning, my son and I demonstrated candy experiments on KING TV's morning show New Day. Watch it here!