Laffy Taffy experiments or Halloween breakfast?

Just scrambled eggs with a little red food coloring, to make a nice orange concoction that shines like taffy.

Solar Jack o' Lantern Power!

How did you celebrate last week's partial solar eclipse? We flipped a pair of binoculars to project the eclipse onto paper, and turned the glowing crescents into jack-o-lantern eyes!

Smaller than an M&M

It's not an M&M logo, and it's not an insect. This display from the Pacific Science Center's current exhibit of Ripley's Believe it or Not shows a life-sized model of a Amau Child Frog. As you can see, it's smaller than an M&M!

Candy Experiments 2

I just got my advance copy of Candy Experiments 2, and it's beautiful!

My oldest daughter is disappointed that I didn't give her credit for inventing one of the best experiments, how to use food coloring and a secret ingredient to turn a red and white gummy worm completely blue. So for the record--that one was her idea!