Candy Cane Countdown #1: Rubber Bandy Canes

When we heated our candy canes, we expected them to bend.  We didn't expect them to stretch--but some did.  Here's how you can stretch one brand of candy canes like rubber bands.

1. Preheat the oven to 250 F and line a pan with foil (in case the candy cane melts too much.)
2.  Place an unwrapped Bobs brand candy cane in the oven on a pan.
3.  Wait about 5 minutes until the candy cane is warm but not yet melting.
4.  Using tongs, pick up the candy cane and break it apart.  Does the middle stretch?


  1. I just bought some Bob's candy canes for this very experiment!

  2. sounds like fun maybe i will do it for my school science fair project

  3. i am doing this as a science fair project for hood canal school.

  4. Sounds fun! Let me know how it goes.


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