Melted Gummy Rings

Some mothers give their daughters clothing, jewelry, chocolates, or fine literature. Mine gave me this bag of gummy peach rings that had melted in the car. What a treasure!

Apparently when the candy melted, the foamy tops of each ring floated to the top of the mess, probably because there were air bubbles trapped inside. Now the gummy candy is all on the bottom, and the foamy part is all on the top. Perfect system, in case any of you needs a way to isolate peachiness from gummy rings.

Temptation Candy loves Candy Experiments

Online candy store Temptation Candy just reviewed Candy Experiments on their blog. Not only did they rave about it, they created a great new meme to go with it. (I look just like this when I'm doing candy experiments.)

Candy Sticks

When I heated this lime-colored candy stick in the oven, I saw something new: it split along the lines of the stripes, as if it were waiting to be peeled or unwrapped.

So, obviously, I had to try to peel off the hard candy stick coating.
Since my tools were kitchen tongs, I kind of mangled it, but you get the idea.

Another interesting thing about this candy stick: after it sat on my counter for a while, the shiny inside got much stickier than the outside. Like the Rubber Bandy Candy Canes, this candy stick apparently has an interior made of something different than the exterior.