Imagine Children's Museum Signing

I had a great time at the Imagine Children's Museum in Everett, WA last Saturday, where I got to meet lots of kids, parents, grandparents, and fellow authors! Thanks to

If you ever have to set up your own candy experiment table, these experiments are crowd pleasers:

The grownups also had fun! These staff members using air pressure to squash marshmallows--how small can they get?

And the fun kept spreading--one experiment made it all the way to the ticket office.

The Great Candy Melt-off November 2019

The Great Candy Melt-off November 2019: Who will survive?

The contestants line up on a foil-lined baking sheet.

The oven heats to 250 degrees F, and in they go.

The powdered dextrose of the Colossal Sours starts melting into a transparent syrup.

The melting middles of the Skittles bubble out through the hard candy shell.

Tootsie Fruit Chews melt together into a gooey Spumoni colored puddle.

The Twix bars expand and split.

The M&Ms shine as the glaze melts, while the Hershey bar exudes tiny oily drops.

The Sunkist Fruit Gel pulsates as it melts.

After everything sits in a fine melty state for a long time, the final death round starts: 300 degrees.

The Skittles melt into a rainbow peacock tail.

The Toosie Fruit Chews bubble into a brown sticky puddle.

The Sunkist Fruit Gem melts into a sparkly pink puddle, but the sugar crystals in the coating stay solid. They’ll survive until the temperature hits 320 degrees.

The Colossal Sours have gone nearly completely transparent.

Meanwhile, the M&M’s have cracked open. The adjacent Hershey bar is soft to the touch, but the M&M chocolate is hard and brittle.

The Warheads Chewy Cubes look untouched--until you see the shining glaze. Though the cubes themselves look unchanged, they skate along a shining puddle of melted sour crystals

Leaving the winner: Tootsie Dots!

Aside from a slightly dry and crunchy exterior, they retained shape and texture thanks to a secret ingredient: food starch.