Science Fair Time

Thanks to everybody who's contacted me to ask if you can use candy experiments at your science fair. Go ahead! I just ask that you cite my website/book as your source (you should always cite your sources). If you have time, email me and let me know how it goes.

Here's my roundup of great candy experiment science fair activities.

Hearts in Soda

If you put conversation hearts in soda to watch them bob up and down, and then you leave them there for several hours so that they start to dissolve and fountain out when you open the bottle, this is what's left: a lacy mass of former candy.


Licorice is now being studied for medical research, and shows promising anti-cancer potential, but also can affect the body's sodium and water balance. (Actual licorice extract only--the red licorice sticks are not the same!)

Berekley Wellness Letter, March 2014

Color Fun

My daughter mixes Valentine colors as I work on an experiment for a new blog post.