Time Magazine lists sugar contents

An article on the new WHO guidelines wonders if their 26 g of sugar per day guideline is too extreme, since we eat so many foods like these:

1 can tomato soup: 30 g sugar
1 blueberry muffin: 22 g sugar
I serving Orange chicken: 22 g sugar
1 cup pasta sauce: 20 g sugar
1 cup coleslaw: 23 g sugar

Hidden candy everywhere!

Source: "Sweet Sacrifice: New Guidelines seek to curb our sugar intake." Time Magazine, March 24, 2014

Science Fair

I got to spend the evening presenting a table of experiments at a local elementary school. As always, the kids loved sinking marshmallows to learn about density, even though they were even goopier marshmallows than usual. (Note to self: don't buy the off-brand!) The older kids learn about density, and the younger kids just play the game, but they all enjoy it!

I'm always afraid somebody's going to spill something sticky, and so I try to take precautions and bring lots of paper towels. And somebody did spill something tonight--me! A glass full of water across the table, and though I tried to mop it up, it lingered and got all over the Find Hidden Candy samples, so that they left sticky streaks all over my scales all night. Funny how, though I always worry, none of the kids ever spill anything--just me.