Cheating "Cheesy" Cheetos (from PureFoodKids)

Cheetos aren't supposed to be health food. They're just crunchy fun.

But they're made with real cheese--that sounds healthy, right?

Actually, there's more salt than cheese. More citric acid than cheese. There's even more yeast extract than cheese.

There's also more sugar than cheese...what? But the label listed 0 grams of sugar!

In fact, FDA rules state that any ingredient weights be rounded to the nearest whole number. So if a product contains less that 0.5 grams of something, it can be rounded down to 0. Once serving of Cheetos might contain 0.49 grams of sugar--nearly 1/8 of a teaspoon. That's the same as eating a whole Tic Tac. (which also has a tricky ingredient label listing 0 grams of sugar per piece!)

So one serving of Cheetos might have as much sugar as a Tic Tac!

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