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Interested in a Candy Experiments school visit in the Seattle area? I give class presentations, hands-on class workshops, large school presentations, and science fair tables, as well as events in bookstores, museums, and libraries. I've handled groups ranging from just a few children to thousands of children at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

My presentations include:
  • A presentation of candy experiments which I do in front of a group, suitable for classrooms, assemblies, or book signings. Hands-on opportunities for volunteers.
  • Hands-on workshops in which I lead the class in trying experiments. Every student receives materials to do all the experiments.
  • An experiment booth, suitable for a school science fair or other large group, in which I demonstrate hands-on experiments to eager passers-by. This is the format we use at the USASEF in Washington DC, where we have been able to reach out to thousands of excited children.
  • A classroom presentation on writing, focusing on the process of developing and publishing the candy experiments book, or adapted to include the writing topic of your choice, with a few candy experiment demonstrations included.
Contact me to learn more about presentations and rates.

"We would love to have you back. You were a big hit!" Elementary science fair coordinator, Bellevue, WA

"We have had Loralee at our school science fair and her book is very popular in the library. I can attest that the experiments are enticing!" Elementary school librarian, Kirkland, WA

"We had her [here] last year. She worked with our 2nd graders, and the kids are still talking about her visit." Elementary school librarian, Kirkland, WA

"Thank you for the fantastic program! What an amazing turn out. I had a miscommunication about the signup sheet for this event, but you made it work and the pictures show the kids had a wonderful time." Everett Library, WA

"Our program today had 15 adults (thank goodness!) and 30 kids (yay!) …The kids had fun and we were very happy to have so many parents helping out with the experiments…Loralee was very organized and efficient and was able to keep chaos from breaking out even with a very crowded room. Some of the science we learned was about acids, colors, endothermic reactions, air pressure, and how much sugar is hidden in everyday foods besides candy. Some of the kids were very impressed and grossed out which is always fun… Thank you for another fun program." Everett Library, WA

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