Citric Acid close up

At a recent art fair, I met a photographer who's getting closeups of things I've only ever seen as powder. One of my favorites was citric acid, which adds sour flavor to many kinds of candy. It is also used in Pixy Stix, which is why the Pixy Stix work so well for the acid test--when you pour the powder into baking soda water, it fizzes like soda. Pixy Stix work especially well because they're made with powder that dissolves quickly, as opposed to a solid candy like a Lemonhead.

You can see some of these beautiful photos at Lee Hendrickson's website, Side Street Photographics. Here are some photos of citric acid:


  1. Wow those photos are amazing! We'll have to do some experimenting on our own.

  2. Those photos are amazing. I haven't tried anything like it myself, although it does make me want to play around with the microscope my parents gave us for Christmas. This photographer let the crystals grow directly onto a microscope slide, and then took the picture through the microscope.


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