Pop Rocks Fireworks Ice Cream

Too bad I didn't see this in July--it sounds like a great activity for the 4th! A fellow blogger, at her daughter's suggestion, tried putting Pop Rocks onto ice cream to make Fireworks ice cream. Read more about it at smmartideas.blogspot.com.


  1. It's all ready made. its Made BY Stewart's Shops. There Mainly around the North East part of the USA. The Ice Cream itself is called "fireworks". it has Pop Rocks in it. Vanilla Ice Cream, Cherry Syrup Swirl, and Red and Blue Pop Rocks! I grow up in NY so a Stewart's wasn't far from me. It's one of the best Ice Cream there is. Says Me!!!!! Really wish i could get them too Ship me some Ice Cream. They won't Ship too other states. I live in TX now there are none. I miss it very much haven't had it in 9+ years


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