Jelly Belly Beans

I got an email from a mom planning a Jelly Belly birthday party. Did I have any ideas for Jelly Belly experiments? I rushed out to buy a bag; here are my suggestions:

1) Floating Letters
The Jelly Belly logos float, just like M&M m's and Skittles s's. Leave the jelly beans in water, logo side up, for a few minutes and see if the logos peel off. The warmer the water, the faster it goes.

2) Chromotography
Jelly Belly chromatography should be really fun, but since I had to use paper towels (I'm out of coffee filter paper) I didn't get the best results. Green Apple separated nicely into blue and yellow, and the red-brown Dr. Pepper had a nice streak of red separate out from the rest of the dye. Black didn't separate with my materials, but I'll try it again with coffee filter paper, since we've had great luck with black jelly beans lately.

3) Acid Test
Regular Jelly Bellies, it turns out, are not very sour. Only dissolved Green Apple beans gave me any visible bubbles when I poured in the baking soda. I'll try it again when I can get some Jelly Belly Sours; I bet those'll work great.

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