Chocolate for Christmas?

Favorite experimental chocolates from the Northwest Chocolate Festival--maybe you'll get some Christmas ideas.

Pop Rocks create the explosions in these "Exploding Chocolate Frogs." If you can't make it to Chocolate Affairs to buy some, online recipes teach you to make your own by stirring Pop Rocks into melted chocolate or molding candy, and pouring it into a frog mold.

Here's a treat for somebody who needs an extra reason to eat their vegetables. Amore Earth is experimenting with vegetable-filled chocolate truffles. Of those I tasted, the broccoli truffle was OK, but I wouldn't recommend the beet (you'd think beet would be good, considering beets can be used in sugar production). Personally, I think I'll enjoy my vegetables and my chocolate separately, but I applaud the experiment.
Carter's Chocolates, the creators of this chocolate, truffle professed no political preferences. Some people apparently bought these to honor President Obama, and some people delighted in biting his head off. While I don't see these currently listed on the website, you could also try new ideas like chocolate-dipped bacon.

Cacao Yogi infuses their chocolate with gold to aid in meditation. Although the purpose was carefully explained to me, I don't know that I can do it justice, so I've included their own explanation.

And finally, a chocolate dipping machine, handmade by the Chocolate Dude, that tempers the chocolate and heats it as you dip treats to your heart's content. It only costs $525!

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