USASEF: "Smash your Food" App

A government grant paid for this really fun app, in which you smash your food to find out how much sugar, salt, and oil it contains. One nice feature is that you can fill in your own personal information for things like exercise and weight, to get recommendations tailored specifically to you. There's also a free iPhone app.

Smash your Food

This app was displayed at the booth, where I was told about all the facts I could find at Look there for information and statistics from various government departments and agencies, as well as ideas for the classroom.


  1. Food N' Me created and funded the making of Smash Your Food, although if there was grant money point us to it! We're making more fun nutrition games for families and could use the extra funds :-) !

  2. Really? I was just relaying what I thought I'd been told at the booth--apologies if I was mistaken. Congratulations on a very cool idea!


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