Candy on Toast

One mom writes about Nutella--another kind of candy in disguise. My bottle of Nutella is more than 56% sugar, with palm oil as the second ingredient, and this Australian label lists the amount of hazelnuts as only 13% (they must have more rigorous labeling laws in Australia.) The Australian webpage also lists the breakdown of ingredients in Nutella vs. a chocolate bar with hazelnuts, showing that "Nutella almost mirrors chocolate in its composition. In fact, Nutella is more akin to milk chocolate with hazelnuts for fat, sugar and kilojoules, they're so close." Hidden candy, indeed!

So, serve it for dessert, but don't be tricked into thinking it's a healthy addition to your food!


  1. I think it's ridiculous that anyone would think Nutella is healthy. I mean, it doesn't taste/look/smell/feel healthy - and it's made of chocolate! It's evident that many people have tricked themselves into thinking it's ok, but it sure seems like obvious candy to me.

  2. It probably is obvious, but even I used to think it was really nut butter and chocolate. Then I read the label and have never touched it again.


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