When we were at USASEF, one of the booths down the aisle from us left the floor littered with Lifesavers every night. On the last day I hunted them down, to find out what another group was doing with candy.

At this booth, run by the Society of Women Engineers, visitors were challenged to build sailcars and race them to see whose was fastest. The catch: they could only use the following materials:

3 straws
4 Lifesavers
1 small piece of paper
2 paper clips
50 centimeters of tape

Stumped? Here are some hints:
-Mount the Lifesavers on the straws to make wheels (they spin surprisingly well!)
-Turn the piece of paper into a sail you can blow on

With their candy wheels and their breath-catching sails, these little cars worked surprisingly well! Yet another great way to use candy for science.


  1. I really like these ideas for including candy in design elements. With the focus on STEM these days, this is a great activity that can be incorporated into any classroom!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it. It wasn't until day three of the festival that I figured out what they were doing at their booth--all we knew was that we'd walk down the aisle and the floor was littered with Lifesavers--and they weren't ours! So I had to check it out.


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