Cereal Labels

Ever since I started candy experiments, I've become way more interested in food labels, especially labels that try to convince you that sugary snacks are health food. Here's a new favorite:
"More whole grain than any other ingredient" sounds like a good thing, because nutrition experts are constantly advising us to eat more whole grain. But look what else you get with all that whole grain:
That's right. LOTS of sugar, as well as corn syrup. Which means:
that this candy is more than 1/3 sugar (37%, to be precise).

This snack might make a yummy dessert, but I won't be serving it for breakfast. I won't be serving it for dessert, either. I much prefer cookies.*

*Though I did realize, on the airplane ride home from DC, that serving sugar cereal for dessert might have some advantages. It's so full of air that kids have to eat several pieces of cereal to get the amount of sugar they'd get from a few pieces of candy. In other words, it takes a little bit longer to eat, and on an airplane ride, that matters!

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