Midway Through the USA Science and Engineering Fair

*Plenty of Warheads for the Sour Bubble Test
*Plenty of baby wipes (for scrubbing hands)
*Plenty of visitors!

We had an especially successful day thanks to our volunteers who manned our booth, and the visitors who stopped by to learn about candy experiments.  We appreciate them all, and hope they had fun!

If you're in the DC area and you didn't make it today, there's still Sunday.  Join us for the Sour Bubble Test, M&M Rainbow, and Find Hidden Candy, as well as testing paper airplanes in the NASA wind tunnel, superconductors, robot soccer, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.


  1. Just added you to our we teach: science and we teach: holidays discussions on www.weteachgroup.com, Loralee!

    Hope that's okay with you, my friend! Thanks for your awesome work!

  2. I read about you last year and did some of your experiments with my daughter. I was so excited to see that you had a booth!!


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