Festival Preparation

Thanks to Terri at A+ Promotions for helping us get our t-shirts printed for the festival.  They look great, and that's one more festival preparation item to cross off the list.

Other things on our list:
--buy 24 bags of marshmallows, 5 lb baking soda, and 5 lb cornstarch
--order 50 gallons of water
--cut out 4000 chromatography papers
--arrange delivery of 100 pounds of WarHeads
--separate the brown M&Ms out of a 5 lb bag
--find 4 5-gallon buckets in D.C. (since we don't want to carry them in suitcases!)

Don't you want to come see what we're doing with it all?  Join us this weekend in D.C.  Booth hours will be 10 am to 5:30 pm Saturday and Sunday.


  1. SO, so, so glad I got to meet you at the Festival today, my friend! You and your family are incredible.

    I'm sure that TONS of people appreciated your extensive candy-prep...you are changing the way families view candy, and that's quite an accomplishment!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed candy experiments at the festival!


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