Science Fair

The Science Fair went so well! We set up a table for people to try Find Hidden Candy, Chromatography, and Acid Testing. Kids had a blast, and my daughter informed me it was the best day ever.
--the girl who kept coming back to make more "M&M Rainbows" (chromatography with M&Ms), and brought all her friends
--the girl who wouldn't leave the science fair until she had located all of her chromatography papers to take home
--the boy who tried to make a geyser by simultaneously dropping five Warheads in the acid test water (and yes, we saw lots of bubbles)
--the kids who were fascinated by the kitchen scale, weighing out candy to match the sugar in every soda, drink, and pack of cookies on display (then weighing the sodas, drinks, and cookies)

So, success all around.

I also discovered a new secret weapon for candy experiment presentations: a strainer. Use it to catch the candy when you dump the candy water, then throw the candy in the garbage. This works much better than pouring everything in the sink, and raking out the candy with your fingers (which I have also tried).

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