A Near Thing

I had a stressful moment today when I walked into my daughter' after school science club, and the other parent volunteer informed me that the Nature Vision representative hadn't shown up, and nobody knew if she was going to. "I can do it," I told her. "I can go home, get my candy, and entertain these kids for an hour. If no one shows up."

Could I have done it? Absolutely. We had tons of candy we could have tested for acid, and I even have a 40 minute presentation on density. On the other hand, could I have engaged a room full of 19 children ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, without advance preparation, without leaving the floor a sticky mess, and without losing my candy down their throats?

I didn't get a chance to find out. Just as I was about to grab my car keys, the real science club teacher walked in. Our kids spent a happy half hour looking at pond critters in magnifiers, and never knew what they missed.

But I'll keep my candy packed up. Just in case.

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