These experiment cards contain simple instructions for candy experiments. Download and print to pass out to trick-or-treaters or or use at candy experiment parties.


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  1. I am impressed at how fast you found that I linked to you! :)

    Thanks for all the fun ideas for my kiddies to do with candy experiments. We had so much fun, and my boys want to do it every day now.

    Thanks again

  2. So awesome! Thanks for the ideas. I'm sure my boys and I will have a great time doing some of these experiments!

  3. Destructive analysis of consumable consumables! I LOVE IT! I'm related to your logo designer. Her niece, Ilia, wanted to try baking oatmeal cookies with Tootsie Roll slices embedded in the surface.
    They expanded and spilled out and over the cookie edges, in some cases resembling volcanic lava flows, especially where the candy had been pressed deep into the heart of the dough. They were barely edible, but looked fascinating.


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