Don't let soda companies buy their way out of a Seattle tax!

Soda companies have banded together to sponsor and pay $20 million for an initiative campaign to forbid local governments from imposing taxes on soda and other food items. Aside from $20,000 donated by Seattle small businesses, the movement is funded entirely by the soda industry. They are taking this action because Seattle imposed a soda tax. The campaign for the initiative says that if such taxes are imposed, it should be at a state level and not a local level which puts unfair burdens on local businesses. It’s laughable coming from an industry that used our initiative system in 2010 to overturn a legislative action to tax soda across the state in 2010. The soda industry has used these actions in other states as well to block local taxes, protecting themselves from anything that's not on a state level. Since soda is one of the leading causes of obesity in this country, soda companies are right to be worried. Vote NO on 1634 in Washington

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