Enormous Gummy Worm Science Fair Project

This was my very favorite science fair project at our school this year--a 26-inch gummy worm put into water to see what would happen. Apparently it more than doubled in weight, starting at 2 1/2 pounds, and absorbing 3 1/2 pounds of water!


This is a second giant gummy worm, showing the size of the original (note that the sample below has had several tail segments chopped off for eager tasters.)

They said it didn't actually grow much in length, but they'd only had it in a bucket of water for the afternoon. Wonder what it would have looked like after two days in a bathtub?


  1. this is total FAKE I tried it and it TOATALY DINT WORK THAKS FOR THE F

  2. Next time try a normal-sized gummy worm, which doubles in length after being submerged in water for two days.


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