Fruit Fly Candy?

They say that "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Given the hoards of fruit flies that have been swarming our kitchen, I started to wonder: is this really true?
Honey vs. apple cider vinegar
The fruit flies were way more drawn to the vinegar than the honey. They were also able to escape from the honey more easily because it wasn't sticky enough. Myth busted!*

Since this is a candy experiment blog, I thought I'd try it with candy too.
Fruit flies are not attracted by Airheads, Starbursts, or Laffy Taffy, even when dissolved to enable fruit fly consumption. I could extrapolate from this that since fruit flies avoid candy, humans should avoid it too. And I would make exactly that point, except I'd be a hypocrite: if I were choosing between honey and vinegar, I'd totally choose the honey.

*But only for fruit flies. When applied to the use of kindness when dealing with humans, it's still true.

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