The Speckled Cotton Candy Brain

Buying a bag of cotton candy was a new thing for me. Of course I didn't want my kids to eat all of it, but I thought I'd let them try it to see what the excitement was all about, and I wanted some of my own to experiment with. (Heh, heh!) So to celebrate this unusual occasion, I decided to get an unusual bag.

The cotton candy stand we visited had two colors: pink and blue. But when they were switching colors, refilling a dwindling supply of blue sugar with a new scoop of pink, the colors melted together to make purple. We searched through their bags until we found some purple candy at the bottom of a bag of blue. (Sadly, my photo of the color gradation didn't turn out, so you can't see the lovely shades of lavender.)

After we tasted our candy, and dropped some in water to dissolve, and squashed some of it, we let the rest sit in the bag. As the weeks passed, the candy slowly collapsed into itself, eventually shrinking to a mass the size of my two fists. And something startling happened: specks of pink and blue color reappeared!

I also love the wrinkled shape. It's a candy brain for Halloween.

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