The Step-counting Choc-o-meter

You deserve chocolate! That's the premise of the step-counting Choc-O-Meter we saw in the hospital gift shop. According to the packaging, 4000 steps gets you one chocolate bar. They don't say how many calories you burn in your 4000 steps, and have neglected to mention the size of the chocolate bar you've earned, which I'd think would be important information. The calculators at tell me that my 4000 steps will only burn 96 calories, less than a quarter of the calories in my Theo's 3 oz chocolate bar of choice.

Still, this product is a good way to make us think about the relationship between the food we eat and the calories we burn. If more Americans understood how long it takes to burn off excess calories, we might be able to tackle this nationwide obesity problem.


  1. I tend to drink soda when I'm around my in-laws though I typically don't at any other time. After Christmas I was feeling super gross and realized after a three mile run I still hadn't burned off the equivalent of ONE soda from the day before. Haven't had soda since.

  2. I am still amazed whenever we do Find Hidden Candy at how much sugar there is in one orange soda--as much as in 21 Life Savers. I hardly drink soda anymore either.


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