Candy Experiments on KOMO News

Here's the piece from KOMO TV's show featuring candy experiments. It's amazing how over an hour of filming gets condensed to two minutes! Our only question: why on earth does the reporter introduce candy experiments while standing in Greenlake?


  1. Hi Loralee:

    Neat-O! You're a Science Star!
    The Skittles are waiting in my classroom for a "What happens when..." lesson.
    Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Congrats on the TV Spot Becca! And that's great for you too Loralee. You're getting famous!
    I don't know if you have had this happen, but when we microwaved two Starbursts just now, our plate cracked! I just set them on the plate and popped it in for one minute. The bubbling candy was a hit and at second 58 I heard a pop. When I pulled out the plate there was a fracture that went halfway through the plate. Maybe it's our thin-ish Ikea plates?

  3. Kim, thanks for stopping by. Let me know how the Skittles lesson goes.

    Arren, sorry about the plate! You really have to keep an eye on things in the microwave. Maybe the oven is a better choice. As I've learned from my readers, always put the oven candy on tinfoil.


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