Candy in the Sun

I didn't mean to conduct this experiment, it was just a byproduct of leaving this pink mint on the kitchen counter for a few weeks because I kept meaning to throw it in the oven.  The sunlight faded it so much it's hardly pink anymore.

Pink mint (original color) next to sun-faded mint

Here's a picture of the underside of the mint.  Again, you can see the contrast between the faded edges, which perhaps got some sunlight because the mint isn't actually quite flat, and so a little sun would have shone on the very edges, and also perhaps because the mint was sitting on a reflective pie tin.  Whatever the reason, the difference is significant.

I hope my dermatologist sister is proud of me writing about the strong effects of sunlight!  I wonder if the mint would have been protected against fading by a coating of sunscreen?

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  1. Sounds like an idea for another experiment. Coat it in sunscreen and see if it doesn't fade.

    I love this site. We're going to be doing experiments for school today. Thanks for all the ideas.


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