More about Cocoa Butter Decorations

We just finished a super-long car trip through Utah, Colorado, and South Dakota.  I didn't get to tour the Sweet's candy factory in Salt Lake (another time!), but we did visit the La Chatelaine shop in Bozeman, Montana.  Racking our brains and trying to remember what city they were in, we were lucky enough to look them up after we'd finished our lunch in Bozeman, or we would have missed our chance.

Not only did we buy a box of gorgeous truffles, but the saleslady explained how they created the cocoa butter decorations. She told me that the patterns come pre-printed on sheets of plastic, which are applied to the truffles as they come out of the enrobing machine, still warm.  It made me wonder if I could warm the truffles up and use tissue paper to lift the patterns off, but I'm not sure I want to try.  Halloween candy is fair game for experimentation, but gourmet truffles are another matter.

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