An Emergency Birthday Present

We had a minor birthday party crisis recently when my daughter was invited to the birthday party of a boy she hardly knows.  All she could tell me was his reading level ("He won't like chapter books, Mommy") and that he occasionally wears an Army necklace.  What sort of present could I provide with so little information?  Then we remembered: everybody loves candy experiments.

So we made a candy experiment kit, with POP ROCKS to dissolve, WARHEADS for the Acid Test, Starbursts for the Oil Test, Skittles for floating letters, and Lifesavers for Lifesaver Lights.  Brand-new experiment cards contained the instructions for each experiment. 

May his birthday be full of acid test bubbles, popping POP ROCKS, and all kinds of candy fun!

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  1. What an awesome idea! I imagine that would be a hit as birthday games for everybody.


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