Party Tips

Whether you're the entertainment at the school Halloween party, your kids have way too much candy to eat, or you're planning a birthday party for your young scientist, these tips will help you put on a successful Candy Experiment party.

If you're attempting a density rainbow, put your Skittles in water right away and allow plenty of time for them to dissolve.  You may want to dissolve two sets in case you need a backup.

Suggested Experiments:
  • Acid Test
  • Floating M's
  • Color Separation (Chromatography)
  • Dissolving Hot/Cold
  • Sink/Float
  • Creation Station: making funny candy sculptures from candy you're not experimenting on
  • Free-for all: let kids sink, float, stir, smash, microwave, stick
  • M&M's for chromatography (include black or brown)
  • sour candy for testing acid
  • candy for dissolving
  • candy to see what sinks and floats (bring marshmallows, 3 Musketeers, or Kit Kats for floating)
  • anything else anybody wants to test

Recommended supplies:

  • coffee filter paper, cut into rectangles, for chromatography
  • pencils to label chromatography paper with colors and children's names (or mark them before the presentation)
  • a few containers for chromatography, filled with 1/2 inch of water (test first to ensure the chromatography paper fits standing upright)
  • white plates for viewing chromatography paper
  • baking soda for acid testing
  • spoons for adding soda and mixing
  • cups/bowls for experiments (as many as you can bring)
  • ice and hot water for dissolving
  • sink to empty and rinse cups
  • pitchers of water to refill cups
  • paper towels for cleanup 
  • garbage can for wrappers
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